Kosher Beach

In Production

Director: Karin Kainer
Producers: Hilla Medalia & Ronny Merdinger
Production company: Medalia Productions
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew

About The Film

The Kosher Beach, only 500 meters in length, and nestled between wooden barricades, lies side-by side with the notorious gay beach, making it hard to isolate itself from its un-kosher surroundings. The hermetically sealed environment is the world’s only same-sex beach. Women and men bask in the sun on separately designated days. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, are the days when orthodox women from different backgrounds and ages  soak in the sea and sun. These days are deemed holy for the women who seek refuge from the shackles of their day-to-day lives and allow the, to open their hearts in front of  the big blue sea.