Happy You Are Alive

Producer: Hilla Medalia, Itai Horshtok
Director: Hilla Medalia, Itai Horshtok
Co-Producer: Neta Zwebner, Yael Idan, Ayelet Cohen
Writer: Hilla Medalia
Cast: Naftali Kinel, Kobi Vitman, Moolu Lahad.

About The Film

‘Happy You’re Alive’ follows the lives of two men struggling after their encounters with war. This film documents the tragedy of battle in the West Bank and the repercussions that war inflicts upon society, which raises questions of awareness. Both men deal with the terror of their memories in different ways, one turning to music and one to therapy. For more than two years the film crew captured their journey from the inferno of the battlefield and back to the ocean of life. Through the experiences of these men, this film shows that from the most unimaginable pain, people can find strength to live on.