Shalom Italia

Director, Script & Research: Tamar Tal Anati
Production: Tamar Tal Anati, Tina Leeb, Jurgen Kleinig, Hilla Medalia
Production Company: Tamar Tal Films, Celluloid Fabrik, Know Productions
Editing: Boaz Lion
Cinematography: Emmanuelle Mayer
Soundtrack: Kai Tebbel
Music: Kobi Vitman
World Sales: Film Sales Company

About The Film

One night, Bubi, Andrea, and Emmanuel fled their home in Tuscany. They hid in a cave in the Tuscan woods to escape the Nazis. Seventy years later, the three brothers set out together on a journey in search of the cave that hides their memories.
Against the backdrop of the beautiful Tuscan countryside, in their vibrant, playful manner, so full of enthusiasm for life, food and adventure, they search for a geographical landmark, but more importantly they try to find the common ground of memory that will bring the contradicting versions of their stories to unite into one past.