H2: The Occupation Lab

Documentary, (94min, 52min)

Directed by Idit Avrahami and Noam Sheizaf
Produced by Hilla Medalia and Paul Cadieux
Executive Producers: Serge Gordey, Hanne Phlypo
Country: Israel, Canada
Language: Hebrew

About The Film

H2 is the name given to the eastern part of Hebron – the only Palestinian city with a Jewish settlement in it. Here, along a one-Kilometer road, lies the holy Cave of the Patriarchs, where Jews and Muslims believe their common father, Abraham, is buried. This is where the massacre of 1929, known as “year zero” of the conflict, took place; where the Jewish settlement movement was born, and where the policy of ethnic separation was first implemented by the military. 

Through rare archive footage and interviews with Hebron’s military commanders, H2: The Occupation Lab tells the story of a place that is both a microcosm of the entire conflict and a test site for the methods of control Israel is implementing throughout the West Bank.

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