My Afterlife

Directed by Emmanuel Rosen
Produced by Ronny Merdinger, Hilla Medalia
Production company: Medalia Productions
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew

About The Film

In the summer of 2010, on the day of her 37th birthday, Lilach Shem Tov’s life fell apart. Her ex-husband murdered their three children. After a two year long trial the murderer was sentenced to three cumulative life sentences.  Lilach’s sense of relief was immediately replaced by emptiness. Now, she has to find a new reason for living. She has to choose life.  Lilach devotes the new chapter of her life to two goals- Sharing her story in order to help women who face domestic violence; And going back to fulfill what was and remains her life’s desire: to be a mother. For the past five years, director Emmanuel Rosen has followed the inconceivable story of Lilach, a woman who lost everything. From the ruins of her life she finds a new meaning, a ray of hope.